My goal is to help students learn about psychology and the scientific research process. As a mentor, I take a hands-on approach and actively build a collaborative team atmosphere with my students. I work closely with my students to reach their own personal and career goals.

If you are a graduate or undergraduate student and interested in joining my lab, please feel free to reach out to me.

Here are some things you will gain from joining my lab:

  • experience working in a research laboratory including designing research studies, collecting and analyzing data, and presenting your work at academic conferences and in peer reviewed journal publications
  • experience working with children and families in a professional setting
  • experience learning computer and programming skills
  • knowledge about developmental and cognitive psychology
  • a professional reference and letter of recommendation


Co-Director, Accelerating Success By Providing Intensive Research Experience (ASPIRE) (2016-2018)

  • Undergraduate Program,  University of California, Davis (Site)

Mentored Undergraduate Student Poster Presentations

Loomis, M., Selmeczy, D., & Ghetti, S., Developmental Differences in Asking for Help and the Role of Metamemory. University of California, ASPIRE Symposium. (June, 2018).  Davis, Ca

Johal, S., Selmeczy, D., & Ghetti, S., “Treasure or Trash?”: The Role of Subjective Evaluations in Memory Decisions. University of California, Undergraduate Research Symposium. (April, 2018).  Davis, Ca

Jani, K., Selmeczy, D., & Ghetti, S., Metamemory Development: How well children integrate helpful hints into their decision-making. University of California, Undergraduate Research Symposium. (April, 2018).  Davis, Ca

Rader, B., Selmeczy, D., & Dobbins, I.G., Ignoring external information during recognition memory judgments. Washington University in St. Louis Mind, Brain, and Behavior Research Symposium. (May, 2012). St. Louis, MO